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Welcome to Nikita Herrod Ministries, LLC

Looking Beyond the Natural

Getting Started


For years I wanted to play piano.  I wanted to sing and dance in a way that made passersby stop and ogle.  I wanted to be the smartest and the prettiest.  I wanted everyone around me to know my name.  I wanted to be the hub in which the components of my life family, friends, acquaintances, co-workers, all admired and praised my talents.  Of course, no one knew.  These were all secret desires, often masked by my shy, introverted personality.

For a long time I searched for my talent.  I wasn't good at math; didn't play sports; and had limited laughter at my jokes.  And since I wasn't a musician or a vocalist, or a dancer, I began to say and to believe that God skipped me when He was handling out Gifts.  I couldn't see what was special about me.

Fast forward twenty years.  At 34, I received a rather dramatic call from God to do His work.  What work? I am still not sure.  I have seen Him in dreams and visions.  I have felt His touch in prayer, and received His supernatural healing which He showed me visually while He was healing me.

Is this it, God? Are you my Gift?  

Sky Full of Light

Meet The Team

Nikita Herrod

Amateur Blogger

Nikita Herrod is a novice writer. Always possessing a knack for English and appreciation for the written word, I have honed my skills through seven years of academic writing. 

Using the recent past as lessons for my current life, I am sharing the Christian principles I've learned through supernatural tutelage.

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